Product care

b.sirius products are made from porous fabrics and need to be treated gently when cleaning.

To clean the PU component of your bag, you can use a baby wipe (not domestic cleaning wipes!) or a damp cloth with warm water and a bit of wool wash detergent to spot clean. This means lightly wiping the dirty area on your bag. Harder to move stains and smudges can often be removed by rubbing alcohol on the affected area with a cloth. Always test clean in an inconspicuous place before treating the affected area.

To protect the canvas section of your bag we recommend ‘Scotchguard'. Always follow manufacturers instructions.

Some products in our 'Thrive' range have frayed edges, considered a feature not a flaw.

If you need to clean the canvas section of an item we recommend a damp cloth with warm water and a bit of wool wash detergent. Gently wipe the area and allow to dry. Do not machine wash, as this can fade the printing.

For your information - the dye used in denim jeans is not stable and can easily transfer onto your bag. Our warranty does not cover this, however our product care cleaning guides have shown to be successful in the removal of this transfer.